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User research | strategy | concept | UX design | UI and visual design | project lead


Xabyne van Veen
How can more cycle-friendly cities encourage the use of shared bikes?
Different cities across Europe are rethinking urban living and trying to accommodate cities to become even more cycle-friendly. Utrecht and Amsterdam already are some of the most cycle-friendly cities in the world. The overall number of cyclists will increase, but several households share one bicycle.
When sharing a bicycle, several aspects need to be taken into account:
  • When (day(s), time) does everyone want to borrow a bicycle?
  • How much of a necessity is it to rent a bicycle?
  • Where to drop the bicycle for subsequent use or to combine the use?
  • How often will each person borrow a bicycle?
  • Are there any repairs that need to be done to the bicycle (before subsequent use)?
  • If it is an electric bike: Is the bike's battery (fully) charged for subsequent use?
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"A product like this must be easily accessible.

Flexible & adaptable

A digital solution that can be accessed at any time is the most practical in terms of ease and adaptability. In the present time, most people own a smartphone. Therefore, an App or website will be appropriate for this issue. A browser offers fewer possibilities than a native App because it doesn't use the camera, GPS, microphone and notification options on a phone. A pre-downloaded App requires fewer data and runs faster. Apps can be customized to tailor functions, buttons, and choices. Therefore, I choose to create an App for this case.
Photo onboarding Shared Bike
Photo onboarding Shared Bike
"A design that suits the digitalized society.

Coherent design

I've decided to build an App that provides users with everything they need. It is up to the user to pick which features they wish to use. Since the digital world is expanding and people will increasingly use digitalised products, the concept is also made smartwatch friendly.
Due to this, a digital key can, for example, easily be accessed from a smartwatch. This gives everyone in the household access to the bicycle at all times without needing to pass the key from hand to hand.
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"Easy trip, easy split!


A user can join multiple groups. This can be advantageous if, for example, a person lives in a dormitory and regularly stays with their family and shares a bike in both households. The App's primary function and focus will be on schedule planned and immediate bicycle use, but it will also cover various other aspects of using a shared bicycle. A dashboard will provide a quick overview of when the bicycle was reserved/used and if any repairs are required.
The App will also provide visual insight into how much everyone has used the bike and its necessity, which can be beneficial when making decisions about its use and repairs. As a result, the cost of repairs and maintenance can be easily split. It is also possible to include a brief note highlighting essential details. Also, bicycles can be shared or combined for use.
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This project was developed on behalf of Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences' Master Digital Design.