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Xabyne van Veen
How can we help the hospitality industry get digital?
GastroBuddy was an existing App from Tape Creative Communications. This app aims to improve the efficiency and professionalism of hospital operations. All of their to-do lists have been digitized. This provides the employer with more information, enabling the employee to make immediate adjustments.
When users stopped using the app and fewer users joined, they questioned what needed to be changed. Rebranding the brandidentity of GastroBuddy to GetReddie and improve the user experience of the App was Tape Creative Communications' goal.
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"We need to centralize our decentralized communication.

Improving usability and functionalities

GastroBuddy's users taught the company a lot. This App has a steady user base. They addressed the main issue: the App's lack of usability. There were a few dead ends. Based on this feedback, new designs and assumptions were tested with users.
Many follow-up interviews and tests with App users, people who had put the App on hold, and potential users revealed their desire for more efficient mise en place lists. They also addressed their wish of the addition of other functionalities to make GetReddie a centralized place for not only lists but also other tasks. This also addresses including a reservation system within the App to reduce the number of different systems restaurant owners must use.
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"Efficiency is key.

All hospitality lists united

When running a restaurant or cafe, many mise en place lists must be kept up to date regarding structure, overview, and hygiene. Unfortunately, these lists were mostly offered and maintained on paper, which can be inefficient. Within GetReddie, these lists are interconnected. This gives the user an efficiency boost within the App that could not be easily converted to a non-digital solution.
Numerous other similar Apps and platforms for keeping track of these lists exist, so I investigated where GetReddie can make a difference. Some of the findings were as follows: make sure employers can create their lists and tasks and customization of existing lists, make it clear which tasks are for today and which are for the future, and if you must enter a time when a task is completed, ensure that it can be done efficiently. Additional interviews and analysis taught me how to digitalize lists and structure the functions.
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Photo lists GetReddie
Photo lists GetReddie
Photo lists GetReddie
"Our announcements get lost in a sea of messages.

Dashboard with updates

Many restaurant employees communicate via Whats App. They indicated that it is convenient for specific situations, such as publishing schedules. However, they find this inconvenient for communicating changes within the restaurant, such as sharing the new menu, because these announcements get lost in the many messages they exchange. Therefore, a dashboard is added where these specific updates can be shared.
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"Onboarding new employees is also a repetitive process.

Online training

By talking to the users, I learned that the repetitive process of onboarding new hired employees is too time consuming for a lot of employers. To reduce this time, the App includes a training option that explains all types of tasks, allowing the onboarding process to run more efficiently. This also provides new employees with the opportunity to learn and look back on tasks at their own pace.
When designing for onboarding and training, it is critical to understand what questions to ask, what information to provide at what stage, and how to engage your users with your App. An iterative design process allowed me to remove more and more elements from the design to make it more simple while also playful, ensuring that usability and goal were prioritized.
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"I'm hoping the App has a more appealing design.

Rebranding brand identity

GetReddie's brighter colours make it more recognizable than GastroBuddy. In addition, all buttons, fonts, and other elements are more prominent, simplifying the design. I also added icons to each label for visual support. Also, the App consists of much content, so I sought ways to categorise it to make it easier to perceive all information.
An iteration arose in the visual hierarchy since testing revealed it wasn't always clear because only two colours were used. To stay in the same colour trend, I decided to lighten the chosen green colour via the 'bleach' tool in Photoshop and made it a tertiary colour. Other elements needed to be less experimental, more consistent and more suited to design patterns that users were already familiar with. Empty states and statuses of elements were also made more appealing to enhance the user experience. Because the Apps stands for efficiency, adjustments have been made to make it even more efficient.
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This project was developed on behalf of Tape Creative Communication.